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A domestic high-voltage high current switch has been developed. Quick delivery is possible.
Installation problems can also be supported.

Product Overview

This is a semiconductor switch using semiconductors (SIC) that can be used to create radar pulses and for controlling the shutter of pulsed lasers.

  • Compared to those using conventional IGBTs or SCRs, the ON/OFF can be carried out at higher speeds.
  • The following switches are standard.
    • lowest ON time:200nsec
    • ON resistance 200 mΩ
    • 6KV,100A、12KV,100A
      ※For other voltages and current values, please contact us.
  • The control circuit operates with a single 5 V supply.
  • The radiant insulation and moulding process allows installation in a small space.
  • Heat dissipation FIN allows for high repetition rates. (air cooling required)
  • The unit is moulded in a compact size for easy installation.
  • A heat sink is attached to the unit as a countermeasure against the heat generated by increased repetition frequencies.

Product Specification

Maximum Operating Voltage
Maximum Current
ON Resistance
ON Delay Time
ON Standing Time
OFF Standing Time
Control InputTTLTTL
Supply Voltage5V5V
Current Consumption2A2A

Introduction of high-voltage semiconductor switches

The following achievements have been made.

  • Power supplies for radar magnetrons
  • Power supplies for radar klystrons
  • Shutter controller for short pulse laser generation

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Other Product Information

Examining ideas from our many years of expertise,
We propose the entire process from software design, circuit design, mechanical design, parts selection, parts procurement, assembly, and inspection.
We propose the entire process from software design, circuit design

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