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About Us

Trade nameInterface Inc.
establishmentNovember 27, 1987
Capital10 million yen
RepresentativeYoshichika Yasui, President and Representative Director
Client BanksBank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Musashi Sakai Branch
Tama Shinkin Bank, Musashi Sakai Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Musashi Sakai Branch


2-5-12 Sakaiminami-cho,
Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0023
Famine Musashi Sakai 201


Message from the President

“Where customers are in need, there is work to be done.”

When I visit a customer, I try to ask if there is anything they are having trouble with.
If there is a problem, I analyze the problem and find that there are many things we can do.
Some problems are not easy to solve because they are usually intertwined, such as mechanical and electrical, chemical and mechanical, etc. We do not have experience in cutting-edge fields, but we can solve most problems.

We do not have experience in cutting-edge fields, but we do have the technology and network necessary to solve most problems.
Even in areas where we have no experience, we can solve the problem if we know “what companies can do”.
I believe that this is the very interface that connects several different types of things like this.
We will continue to use the interface to further address “things that are troubling us” in the future.

Examples of Problem Solving

(CASE 1) Water leakage from the mounting door of the equipment on the car. The existing drip-proof sponge was not strong enough.
→We manufactured and installed a packing of the customer’s exclusive size with a worker who made packing exclusively for the car.

(CASE 2) Japanese-made retrofitted car navigation system was separated from the display of the foreign-made car itself, making operation complicated.
→We manufactured a unit that projects the screen of the car navigation system onto the vehicle’s display, and made it work with data from the vehicle’s CAN (vehicle operation buttons).

(CASE 3) A unit that performs multiple target detection within a single vertical synchronous signal required a complex memory system and was not stable.
→The target detection was performed using a spatial filter system instead of using memory.

(CASE4) It is necessary to check bandwidth, spurious, etc. on site when installing RFID equipment, but it is too expensive to purchase measurement equipment for each worker.
→We created a small unit that receives radio waves and calculates the spectrum, and made it possible to measure on the screen of a cell phone.

Examining ideas from our many years of expertise,
We propose the entire process from software design, circuit design, mechanical design, parts selection, parts procurement, assembly, and inspection.
We propose the entire process from software design, circuit design

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