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We would like to introduce our main business activities.
We have experience in the following areas.

Sensor and measurement technology

Magnetic Sensors

Three-dimensional magnetic field distribution measuring machine

Measure magnetic field information while moving a set distance along the X, Y, and Z axes.

Optical sensors

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Monitor the progress of processing in chambers such as etch-ashers

Angle position sensors

A sensor that measures Angle with high accracy.

Communication technology

Auto LTE terminals

Leakage current monitoring equipment

Monitor the leakage current and power of the power supply and send the data to the server.
Information on each value and alarm can be checked from the web.

legacy modem

V23 modem

Compatible with modems that are already out of production

Contact Information Transmitter

4CH,8CH version

Connect the contact state and the output of the relay between two different points using the Internet.
(When a switch is pressed in the office, The motor works in a warehouse in another place.)

special technology

High voltage power supply

High voltage power supply

  • 2KV 10KW for plasma generation
  • 6KV 3KW for pulsed laser generation

Radar-related technologies

Weather radar and shipboard radar controllers

Timing generation, signal processing circuits

Pulse Laser Controller

Power supply for pulsed laser generation

Laser diode control circuit including 6KV high voltage power supply

High-speed shutter control

Lowest 10 nsec shutter control

High-resolution timing generator

Multi-channel pulse generator with the lowest resolution of 50 PS

Examining ideas from our many years of expertise,
We propose the entire process from software design, circuit design, mechanical design, parts selection, parts procurement, assembly, and inspection.
We propose the entire process from software design, circuit design

Please feel free to contact us first.